Re-zoning Boon for LINK Development

The Morning Bulletin - May 22 2013

Re-zoning Boon for LINK Development

WITH the reclassification of industrial land in Gracemere John Kele, director of Kele Property Group, said his company had seized a unique opportunity in the form of their new development LINK Gracemere.

The development, estimated to be worth $18 million by the time of its completion, offers tailor-made facilities, primarily targeting the resource sector.

Mr Kele said he felt it was an important step for the company, as it would allow them and the region to capitalise further off surrounding industries.

He said the reclassification of the purchased land to a medium-impact zone classification meant people who had a facility at LINK could operate 24 hours a day.

Mr Kele said this was essential for those in the mining and resource industry and would mean that the Rockhampton Region would be able to offer those companies a place to conduct their business.

"Basically, Gracemere is in an ideal location when you consider how close it is to a lot of mine sites and it will hopefully mean that we will have more people running their industry here rather than going further north," he said.

Although the development has only been under way for a couple of months, LINK Gracemere has already filled one of its 12 sites with construction taking place on an Aurizon Holdings Facility.

Mr Kele also said there had been a lot of inquiries made about LINK Gracemere and he was feeling confident about the project’s future.

"Although there has been a bit of a downturn in the resource sector over the last few months, we are feeling very confident that it will pick up soon and this will be a very successful venture for us," Mr Kele said.

Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow said LINK would be a significant development for Gracemere.

"LINK Gracemere fills a niche market in the Rockhampton Region’s ever increasing industrial sector," Cr Strelow said.

She said it would be a significant development and investment for the area.

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